event University: Pre-registration and confirmation


The registrationwebsite contains all important information about the event with for example the program, location and registration form. After the registration a confirmation email is sent.

The added value for the visitor is that he possesses immediately all practical information and is able to confirm his participation in a easy way. The added value for the event manager is that all needed information to better organize the event is archived and reports are made afterwards which delivers an important time advantage.

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A part of or all communication of an event happens through a registration website.

The lay-out is modified for the event or the housestyle of the company.

It exists of a number of general pages such as the welcoming page, program and location.

Furtheron there are one or more registration pages where the visitors can register.
When the visitor is registered, a confirmation appears on the screen and is sent by mail too.

Mostly the filled-in details are repeated that makes it possible to verify if everything is filled in right. The confirmation email contains a link which makes it possible to adapt the contact information afterwards if this is permitted.

To speed up reception, a barcode can be added.


Registratieformulier Confirmatiemail

After the login, you’ll get access to the registration management. Here you are able to look up registrations and modify them. This way you fast get an answer on questions such as: is a certain person already subscribed? Does the partner come with, which days do they stay overnight, which activity you participate,…

Furtheron the statistics can be requested such as number of persons per workshops, registrations a day,…

All information can be downloaded to an Excel file for further extra reports en overviews.




There can be set different prices depending on the chosen options (which excursion is chosen, which hotelroom,…) or the time of the registration (early bird discount,…). Below you find the total amount. A confirmation is sent right after the registration, that way the visitor knows his registration went well. This confirmation may contain the paymentinfo so when you do a transfer you still have all infomartion or if you still do want to pay electronically.

There are different alternatives for the visitors:

  • Electronic payment
  • Payment by transfer
  • Pay on site

When electronic payment is selected, you get the possibility to pay electronically. This is possible with Bancontact, VISA, Mastercard,…

When the payment is conducted, the e-ticket is sent.


On certain forms the possibility to register multiple persons at once exists. This can be the possibility to bring your partner with you or to write down the persons you are bringing with you for example for a family day.

If you want to scan every person alone then there are 2 possibilities:

  • In the confirmation email the different persons are mentioned with their own barcode
  • An annex is added to the confirmation email with for each visitor a page (ticket) with pratical info and a barcode. This way everyone gets an individual ticket.

For some events you need a code to register. This is possible in 2 ways:

  • With a general code whose the same for everyone whose invited or the same for a certain group of people
  • With a unique code whose for everyone different

The codes can be matched with different functionalities: for example: some people may bring their partner, others not

Depending on the project the registrations can be closed.

  • The choice of the workshop or the hotelroom can be closed when the limit of the room or hotel is reached.
  • All registrations can be closed when a certain number is reached
  • The registrations can be closed at a certain moment

When registrations are closed, a predefined message is shown with for example the contact details of someone who can be contacted.

To convince people to register it is possible to show a list of who already did register.

After the event an photo album can be added or a download page of the given presentations.

  • Save up to 15 hours per 100 visitors
  • The lists and overviews are always up-to-date
  • Possibility to easily send reminders to people who haven’t registered or paid.
  • The registrations run smooth and you have all the necessary information
  • There are less no shows because people can easily unsubscribe themselves.