event university: Visitor badges


During the event lots of people come together who don’t always know each other. By providing badges the networking aspect can be improved or can exercise better control on who may enter where. Because of the many types of events there can be used different types of badges: the classical PVC badge (debit card size) for the business event, a bigger badge for the conferences with for example a personal program of the workshops on the back of the badge, a wristbands for family days or backstage access.

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Because each event has its specific needs, a large choice exists with each their advantage and disadvantages.

PVC badges

PVC badges are mainly used for B2B events and have a format the size of a debit card, 86 mm x 54  mm. They look elegant and professional and are made of a good quality. An additional advantage is that they can be personalized on-site.

Voorbeeld PVC badge met clip

Congress badges

Congress badges have a format of 97mm x 86 mm and have as advantage that on the back of the badge a personalized program can be printed or this space can be used for sponsors or extra branding.

Voorbeeld Congresbadge met programma achteraan


For a family day or events where access control is important, wristbands can be used. A barcode can be printed on the wristband for further scanning of the Phone number of the parents can be mentioned.

Voorbeeld polsband met barcode

Thermal cards or adhesive labels

The thermal cards and adhesive labels have as important advantage that they are cheap and can be fast printed. There are different sizes possible. if badges are not needed for for example a seating dinner, it is possible to print a thermal card on which the zone and table number is written. For an exhibition with a lot of visitors, thermal adhesive labels can be used. That way the exhibitor can see who is visiting his booth and this for a low budget. 

Voorbeeld thermische klever en kaartje

Fabric badges

Althought less used, fabric badges can be printed to stick on the clothing.

Voorbeeld stoffen badge op vest

Pre-print badges

When pre-printed, the badges are ranked alphabetically by name or company. They are delivered in boxes or on a plateau. The cases protect the badges during the transport. The advantage of delivery on a plateau is that it is immediately ready for reception. On one plateau 100 can be ranked.

Badges geleverd in doosjes

Badges geleverd op plateau en in koffer

For the extra guests there can be badges provided with the lay-out and a white signature strip. This way the name of the visitor can be written on the strip. As alternative a PC and printer can be provided to print live a personalized badge for extra visitors.

Badges met wit schrijfvlak

Print badges on-site

For the bigger events the badges are printed on-site. By scanning the barcode on the confirmation or by looking up the name the visitor is identified, checked-in and automatically a badge is printed. Each hostess has her own printer, this way the reception can work through 200 visitors/hour per reception point. Unlike a pre-print, there is no need to lose time when looking for the badge, also there is no need to print badges for people who registered but didn’t come to the event.

Live badge printing op evenementen

As general rule you can assume that events smaller than 400 persons it is more adviced to print the badges in pre-print and for the bigger events on-site.

PVC badges are mostly attached by a crocodile clip or pin. Alternatives for attaching a badge are to stick a metal plate on the back of the badge with a magnet or the use of a lanyard with a perforation in the badge.

Bevestiging van PVC badges

The bigger congress badges are mostly attached with a lanyard, but there is also the possibility to attach it with a clip. To avoid that the badge turns, it is possible to work with to hooks.  

Bevestiging van congressbadges

A thermal adhesive label or fabric badge can be attached to the clothing. There are restrictions such as silk or leather because of the risk of damaging it with the glue.

Bevestiging van paieren en stoffen kleefbadges


Sometimes there are different types of visitors present and one wishes to have a distinction between: own staff, clients, speakers, crew, VIP,… An extra color, extra image, indication (VIP) or a star* can be printed onto the badge.

Ander type badge voor crew, personeel of VIP

For events with a higher security level we can print a Photo of the person on the badge, this way the badges can’t be passed on to other persons.

The bigger congress badges can be used for more branding (logo event or sponsor) or to print a personalized program. By adding the rooms or colors the search to the right workshop can be improved.

Persoonlijk workshop programma op de badge

When you wish to track a visitor during your event, barcodes are printed on the badges. By scanning these, you can quick validate who has access to a certain area (crowd management), who went to which workshop, who wishes information on what product, who has visited the exhibition booth (lead generation),…

Badge met barcode en datacollector

Badge met barcode en handheld terminal

An alternative for the barcode is the use of an RFID chip. Looking at the higher cost it is mainly interesting when it is used for multiple services such as payment on-site,…

RFID badge met reader


First of all badges offer you the possibility to quick identify the visitors. Possible confusion about the identity of the individual is completely excluded.

Also for the invitees has the badge a lot of advantages!
This way the networking is more easy by lowering the response threshold, which has of course a positive effect on your event and sets the tone for the pleasant atmosphere among the guests.

The badges will offer you proof of ID and also the advantage to know what your invitees do during the event:
“Who is interested in which products, who follows which workshop, who visited my exhibition booth? And so on.

Voorbeelden congresbadges

Voorbeelden PVC badges